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I am honored to share with you the launch of my own personal website.  For over 13 years I have had the privilege of being able to teach ISHTA Yoga, and as the roles I have taken on in my life have evolved from Teacher to Business Owner, to Mother, so too has a new voice emerged. It is one of compassion and discernment, of whole-heartedness and humility. I used to think that in order to be in a leadership position, I had to perfect and share the image of perfection to my community.  The natural unfolding of life’s process over the years has shown me that perfection is just another obstacle (or “vritti” in Sanskrit) that keeps us from accessing our own true nature.

Life can be messy. It can be painful and dark and frustrating.  But fighting those qualities do not make them any less a part of us, it only pulls us further into pieces.  Through my own process of self-study and yoga I have realized that the only way to inspire is to come from Truth.  One of my favorite quotes from the Indian Independence from Britain is “Satya Meva Jayate” which means: “Truth Alone will Triumph.”

We cannot always know what the outcome of our endeavors will be but if we are willing to come from a place of truth and authenticity, we are leading from our highest self. I look forward to sharing my teachings, my stories, my classes, events and upcoming trainings with you here. I’m so excited to have you as part of this online community. I hope that it gives you the space to explore yourself more fully and holistically so that you too, can lead from your highest potential and find grace in the imperfections.

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