The Yoga of Politics

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah ! 🌸🌻 I am a member of your ( and Alan's ) Ishta Yoga Studio and had the pleasure of meeting you personally, as well as participating in one of your Yoga classes, and having , what was for me - and I hope it was for you, as well - an interesting and important email exchange with you related to my Yoga practice and recieving one on one Yoga coaching. Thank you for posting your reflections on this current "political cycle" , as it relates to our own " life cycles ", and whether we choose to view them as good or bad, etc. As I began reading your comments, Sarah, I did feel my stomach/solar plexus getting triggered ( as you so correctly forecasted may happen ) by all sorts of combative thoughts, of which I'll spare sharing with you and your readers. As I continued reading however, I calmed down considerably enough to genuflect ( not exactly sure what that word means - but it sounds ) in a positive manner on your comments and the personal energy you were putting out there. One final comment : With all due respect, Sarah, it would make me feel better - and in the interest of fair play and equal time - if in addition to your posting ( in the past ) an important quote by Mrs. Clinton, that you also include a positive quote by Mr. Trump ( and yes, they're out there, lol ! ) in the future...and yes, that would probably upset a great many women, and yoginis. On the positive side, it would probably generate a a lot of comments on your blog, to which you could refer folks to this article, and generate more ( hopefully positive ) transformative comments. After all, the Universe/God/Higher Power, in it's " infinite wisdom", did create " the Donald " for our individual and collective benefit...and whether other yogis and yoginis , in their wonderful " finite wisdom ", either see that or don't see that , agree or disagree with the Universe's/God/Higher Power's judgement, or with my comments and judgement, as well, is great, either way. " Let Freedom Ring ". Let's honor and respect each others choices - political and otherwise - whether we agree with them or not...and as for myself, I'm still learning to respect and feel compassion for the " other ", ( and yes, I've got a long way to go, as I stumble along ) because the " other " is really me, as well ( non-dualistic thinking for a change ). Sorry folks for my long comment. ...Thanks again Sarah for a well timed post...and don't forget to vote, folks...😱 lol. Namaste 🙏 - Aaron 😉 🐸
    • Hi Aaron, thank you for your very generous feedback. I was particularly conscious not to include any names in my blog, so it’s interesting the conclusions we come to when reading it! As all things in life, it really comes down to perspective and how we perceive things to be. One might perceive one electoral candidate to be narcissistic while another might perceive the opposite. Any of the beliefs I listed are meant to be ‘generalisms.' Our thoughts as wavelengths are neutral. It’s the perceptions we add to those thoughts that give them value. :) Thank you again for sharing and engaging. And yes - don’t forget to vote!
  2. Thank you for expressing so well what I have been thinking!

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