The Power of Sound + Touch

We all know how sound can alter our consciousness. Think of how you feel when you hear a melody of birds chirping versus a loud siren passing by.  Or, the sound of waves in the ocean versus  a baby screeching. Sound carries vibration and it affects the space that we are in by emitting soundwaves into the ether. Sound relates to the throat chakra, which governs our communication - both with ourselves, with others, and with the matrix of energy that governs all forces.

Touch is another powerful modality, although less subtle than the power of sound. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, with about 1,000 nerve endings per square inch. Energetically, the skin is the organ of knowledge that relates to the heart chakra. We literally feel things through our skin - whether it’s a light breeze, a pat on the back, or a hot surface.

This Thursday, May 30th, I am thrilled to be offering a workshop with Phoebe Joel, which will integrate both the power of sound and touch through Tibetan sound bowls and Marma therapy. This is the second time I am offering this extremely unique workshop. Harmonize and elevate your consciousness with me at ISHTA Yoga: Marma and Sound Healing with Sarah Finger and Phoebe Joel.

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