The Journey In

"And you? When will you being that long journey into yourself?” - Rumi

Here we are, one month into 2021 - ready for new beginnings, leaning towards hope, and desperate for our world to heal. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that this year so far has been exhausting. I often find myself looking at the world around me, perplexed at the human species, and wondering how and when we will ever find harmony? And then I have to remind myself that harmonizing the outside world is not my job. Harmonizing my inner world is all that I have agency over.

If we want peace to be a reality, we have to learn to create peace within ourselves. If we want healing in the world we have to heal ourselves. If we want to feel joy we have to make joy the path. As the old adage goes, happiness is an inside job. The journey is, has always has been, and will forever be within. Let us start to walk on the path and trust that the way will appear. Freedom cannot be found on the news or on google or anywhere on our smart phones. It is tucked away in a small space inside our own hearts, and when we know the way in, we can never truly be lost.


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