I wanted to express my gratitude and many thanks for your gift of sharing your yoga teachings at the recent Chopra Center program, Seduction of Spirit.
Your wisdom and presence made such a profound impact on me, and I'm sure to others. Experiencing your grace, wisdom, and strength have been a life-changer for me.
Being overweight and out of shape I was quite a bit intimidated to attend the yoga class.... and so grateful that I did. I became completely focused on your words, the wisdom you shared, your elegant movements, and calm teaching style, and I experienced such a delightful and unexpected moving meditation. After a couple days of morning yoga, I quickly noticed that my body felt incredibly open and light, more so than it has in many years, in fact, since I was a child. Remembering and loving that feeling, you've motivated me to have a daily yoga practice. Thank you. (And if I lived in New York I would be a regular at Ishta Yoga!)
with deep gratitude and much love,