“We are born of love; Love is our mother.”  – Rumi

This past year has been rich with opportunities for us to learn what it means to mother.  The word mother comes from the Latin word mater, which is also where the word matter comes from. To mother is to give and sustain life. It is to provide sustenance and nourishment.

If we consider this definition of mothering, then we realize that one doesn’t have to have children or even be a woman to know how to mother. One simply has to desire to give life.

We often refer to India as “The Motherland” because it has provided the life-giving traditions of yoga and meditation to the world. Right now, India is in need of life-giving support. I’m honored to share that next Wednesday, May 12th, at 10am EST, Mona, Alan, and myself will be offering a donation based workshop to help provide resources directly into the hands of those who need it most in India. More details to come, please do save the date!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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