Digging Deep

Dear friends,

In this time of unpredictability, confusion, and grief, let’s remember what we do have mastery over: our inner realm. Within you is a space that is untethered, impenetrable, unshakeable, and unbounded. Just like a hole deep within the earth, there is space inside you that can only be found when you dig deep. It takes discipline and focus and perseverance but the more we dig, the closer we get to the source of our own true nature, which is abundant and free. Right now in our world we are being called to dig deep; to find the wellspring of sustenance within us. We realize that no one else can do the digging for us, and that it is our own work to do. Luckily we have our tools: our breath, our awareness, our physical bodies. Through the technology of this human body is access to all that we are seeking: love, connection, joy and peace. Stay safe in the temple of your body and the wisdom of your breath. We will get through this together.

With love and light,

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