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Chakras 101: Aligning With the Inner and Outer Universe 

The chakras are vortices of energy that run along our spine, and can actually be identified as the headquarters of each element that exists in our bodies: earth, water, fire, air, and space. You may have heard the chakras being referenced in a yoga class or in social media but not have a full understanding…
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5 Yoga Tips to Help You Let Go of 2016

This time of year is about contemplation; looking inward and reflecting on the growth, the challenges, and the shifts that have shaped the past year. That can be difficult, especially in a year that had so much turbulence and fueled emotion. Yoga and meditation offer us tools to heal some of those intense feelings that…
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Balancing Summer Pitta

Summer in the city can be intense. The heat makes us irritable, impatient, and easily frustrated. We can see this on a macrocosmic level in our culture, as aggression goes up along with the temperatures. Although we cannot always directly change the larger consciousness of our society, we do have access to the ancient healing…
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Release & Renew

Spring is officially here, and the transition out of winter is just as much about releasing as it is about blossoming. There is a shedding that takes place on a physical, energetic, and emotional layer that frees us from the storage we cling to in order to feel safe. Now is the time for letting…
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5 Yoga Tips to Become a Better Leader

I believe at the core that we are all leaders in some way. We each have a passion, a truth, a voice, and a purpose that is meant to be expressed. It is only our conditioning that keeps us from feeling safe to share our light. Here are 5 yoga tips that I use on…
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Feel Centered in Five

Any mother who works a full-time job (or not) knows how easy it is to get off-centered. In fact, being out of balance often feels more natural than having a quiet moment of peace and calming.  I have found in my own experience that without my daily dose of inner connection I cannot fully provide for…
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