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Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: The Law of Potentiality

The Law of Pure Potentiality says that our essential nature is pure consciousness, the infinite source of everything that exists in the physical world. Since we are an inextricable part of the field of consciousness, we are also infinitely creative, unbounded, and eternal. Padadirsasana: Balancing Pillar Breath – Law of Pure Potentiality This relates to…
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5 Yoga Tips to Help You Let Go of 2016

This time of year is about contemplation; looking inward and reflecting on the growth, the challenges, and the shifts that have shaped the past year. That can be difficult, especially in a year that had so much turbulence and fueled emotion. Yoga and meditation offer us tools to heal some of those intense feelings that…
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The Yoga of Politics

As a general rule, I try not to bring politics into my teaching. It can be divisive and triggering for people – the opposite of what we are going for in yoga. However, the current election is so deeply enmeshed in the consciousness of our society that it has to be looked at one way…
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Seeing Is Freeing

I had the privilege of traveling to a few different countries this summer. Some exotic and beautiful, some rustic and antiquated, all incredible opportunities for personal growth. In each of my travels I realized that no matter where we go - there we are. Sounds like a no-brainer, but how often are we *really* present…
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Balancing Summer Pitta

Summer in the city can be intense. The heat makes us irritable, impatient, and easily frustrated. We can see this on a macrocosmic level in our culture, as aggression goes up along with the temperatures. Although we cannot always directly change the larger consciousness of our society, we do have access to the ancient healing…
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The Yogis Quest For Perfection

As a former competitive gymnast, perfection was never an option, it was the rule. Like most adolescent women yearning for validation, I tolerated nothing less than my absolute best at all times. There was rarely discussion around taking care of my physical or emotional needs; my priority was the mastery of the sport. As I…
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Release & Renew

Spring is officially here, and the transition out of winter is just as much about releasing as it is about blossoming. There is a shedding that takes place on a physical, energetic, and emotional layer that frees us from the storage we cling to in order to feel safe. Now is the time for letting…
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5 Yoga Tips to Become a Better Leader

I believe at the core that we are all leaders in some way. We each have a passion, a truth, a voice, and a purpose that is meant to be expressed. It is only our conditioning that keeps us from feeling safe to share our light. Here are 5 yoga tips that I use on…
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Loving For No Reason

One of my favorite quotes of Mani Finger’s is “Be not the lover, or the loved. Be loving.” What does it mean to “be” loving, or to embody the essence of love? How can we truly love others if we do not know how to love ourselves? This such a difficult concept because the ego…
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